How To Deal With Blog Plagiarism?


Plagiarism means copying one’s ideas or content in an inappropriate manner which is an illegal task but many of the bloggers who are new in this field and tends to earn money easily do this. They just copy paste the other people’s work and make money from them, not only this they also use it for another purpose as well. It can be anything like a blog post, a graphic or a person’s picture, they really don’t understand that blogging is all about being innovative, that is how differently you can express your views among people and how you can make yourself unique from others.

The one thing you should keep in mind is that you should be more careful with your content, as you don’t want others to copy your content as it is your hours of work and also you don’t want to take credit for your work.

So how to get rid of this problem and is there any solution for plagiarism?

Yes, there are many solutions to overcome from this problem, which we will explain you in detail. If you would search on Google then you can find that how intelligent is Google in finding the copied content. You cannot fool Google and yes you can also spam those sites that do plagiarism which in turn decrease their page rank. You wouldn’t believe that how much serious offence is plagiarism, many of the popular websites like Tumblr, WordPress.Com and easily identifies the copied content and they are also be used to report for that content. As these sites examines the spamming of the plagiarism blogs and then take them down.

To evaluate that whether your blog is being copied or not, you should be aware of some tools which easily identifies that your content is being indexed on other website or not, if it is indexed or being used by another site then it will provide you the link to that website. The first tool is Copyscape, you just have to paste your website URL here and after this, this site will fetch your Url and compare your website content from other website’s content, if there is any match then simply provides you with the link. The second tool is Plagiarism, which is also very important and useful tool for checking the blog plagiarism, another easy and simple way is just to copy a part of your article and paste it on Google, you will get the link if someone has copied your content.

The third thing usually bloggers face is how to deal with these persons who are copying their work, then I must advise you to send a formal mail to the contact person about the seriousness of the matter and to stop doing this by removing all the copied articles from the blog. After this still you are not getting the proper response then you can also contact Google and can tell them about the problem you are facing, Google will definitely look into the matter as it is an illegal activity.

We hope that this article will help you to deal with blog plagiarism and if you any queries you can mention your comments below.


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