The Survival of A Small Town Girl – I


There lived a girl in a small town, completed her higher education there living along with her parents. Now, what? Her father doesn’t want to send her alone anywhere, and she wants to make her future. Lastly, her father agreed but not happy for sending her daughter far
away. The girl is happy that she is gonna be living her dream life with her love, but a bit sad too. She doesn’t know how she will be going to survive there without her parents and grandparents.

Her father booked a railway ticket and the preparations started. Her old grandmother is very sad that her granddaughter is leaving soon. Her mother used to cook all that she wants to eat.

The day came. But the problem came with her. She doesn’t get her mark sheet till now. She rushes to her college and very less time is left for the train to leave. She went to her college but her mark sheet had not arrived there yet. Actually, she had given her mark sheet for some
kind of correction. Only one hour is left for the train to departure and she had to take her mark sheet and return her home first and say good bye to her grandparents. She is roaming in here and there, going in and out of the college gate.

The puja-arti was going on in the temple nearby her college and she was praying that the peon may come along with her mark sheet. It’s getting late. Her father is calling again and again for asking what happened and when she is arriving home.

Now, she decided to leave in five minutes and she’ll not wait more. Now, these five minutes is also to complete but where is the peon? As she stepped to go back hopelessly, she saw peon coming on his bicycle. She got happy and relaxed. Then she ran to the office to collect her
mark sheet. Till then the staffs also had come.

Every formality had done, only the signature of examination controller is left. And he is in the meeting right now. At the meanwhile, she is getting late. They assured her that they will manage to get signature soon and asked her to wait. She was waiting and soon they gave her the
signed mark sheet.

Now, the small town girl is ready to go forward to her new life. She ran to her home where her grandmother was eagerly waiting for her. At sudden, she realized that she had to leave her home and her eyes filled with tears. Hiding her tears from everyone she wiped her eyes
and with a smile she appears to in front of them. And packed her stuffs that was left to be packed.

She took her bag and is ready to leave. She went to her grandfather and takes blessings and best wishes from him. Now, she went to her grandmother who was crying inside but there were no tears in her eyes because she doesn’t want to say good bye to her granddaughter with

The small town girl took blessings from her also and asked to take care to her grandmother. The old helpless grandmother just asked her, “When you’ll be back?” She had no answer, but also she hugged grandmother and said “Soon grandma.” And they left.
They arrived railway station and took the train and the journey towards the future of that girl started…


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