Independence Definition – A Girl Perspective


Independence Definition for Men and Women are equal?
Many of you would rather say yes there are various laws in our constitution where equal rights have been distributed between men and women.
Then why women always say that there is no independence for them and men always have the independence to do whatever they want to do.

Are women treating equally as men in the society?

Our society is male dominant and women are always treated as a low priority than men, here in this article we are raising our voice on certain scenarios where women always have to fight for their rights.


  • Women are always paid less than Men: We always talk about women empowerment and empowering women but in corporate sectors women are always paid less than the men are paid, this should not be done as according to a research and study women are better bosses than men because they are good listeners and more sincerer than Men.

  • Women are always restricted for their clothes:  Sad but true women are always restricted for their clothes because of the mentality of our cruel society, it is always said to women to not to wear short dresses.
    This is because short dresses will attract to molestation activities but in reality, we have to change the mentality of the society that there should be freedom for everyone to wear whatever they want to.
    Molestation will also occur when you wear full clothes so why not to change our mentality instead of restricting females to wear short dresses.
  • Women are always restricted not to go outside in night: Men can go wherever he wants to go but if a woman is hanging out with her friends then she is considered as a slut.
    Can anyone tell us why this partiality is, being an independent woman she can go wherever she wants to go at night and by doing this she can’t be called as a characterless woman?


Not only these scenarios there are certain other examples and situations as well where woman have to fight with many allegations to live freely and to attain freedom.
Women cannot drink with her friends she cannot work, she cannot go for higher education and so on.
My question to you is why there is always restrictions with women but not to women?
This Independence day let’s take a pledge to fight for freedom, to fight for the independence of every girl wants to.
Independence to not to be dependent, independence to not to be judged by others judgement and Independence to live freely where there are no boundations and restrictions.

If you are with us raise your voice for Independence and share with us how you fight with the society to get that freedom. Also, you can share your story with us how you are restricting by the society to not to live freely.


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