Drinking Coffee May More Good Than Bad

Drinking Coffee May More Good Than Bad

Can you imagine Drinking Coffee May More Good Than Bad

Our day starts with a cup of coffee. All we need in the morning is a cup of coffee. It refreshes us and fills us with energy to do things. But, there is always a controversy that the drinking coffee is healthy or harmful for us.
Coffee contains caffeine which has many advantages along with some disadvantages.
It contains many nutrients in it, such as

  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus

When we have coffee, then the caffeine present in it boosts us physically. Coffee brightens our mood.
It is also helpful in psychological strengthen by reducing the feeling of suicide and also helps to fight with depression.

The magnesium and potassium present in it help us to lose weight.
The caffeine breaks down the fat from the cells and in this way it also helps us to burn fat.
If you take 1-6 cups of coffee a day, then it also makes you alert and focus in your work. This is done by the caffeine that the coffee contains.

According to studies, the risk of premature death is less in those who drink coffee than non-coffee drinkers.
Coffee also decreases the risk of cancer in men by 20% and 25% in women. It also lowers the risk of stroke, if coffee is taken 2-4 cups a day.

Coffee also contains lots of antioxidants which protect our body from various diseases. It also may lower the risk of Type II diabetes by reducing the sensitivity of your insulin and glucose tolerance.
The high percentage of caffeine in coffee also lowers the risks of the diseases like Alzheimer and dementia.
But, we should always go for the coffee of good quality. The bad quality coffee contains many impurities which may harm us.

So, we should always go for the good quality coffee only.
It is good to take around 1-4 cups of coffee in a day. The reason is that, if caffeine is increased in our body then it is harmful for us.

If a person takes around 100 cups of coffee in a very short time then a large amount of caffeine is also received by its body that is around 10grams, which may also kill that person.
It is also dangerous in pregnancy. A pregnant woman can take one cup of coffee in a day. The people having high cholesterol problem must take only filtered coffee.

So, the coffee has many good qualities in it. But it is not good for a pregnant woman, or the one having caffeine sensitivity problem or having High Cholesterol. It is also not good if taken in very large amount or a bad quality coffee is taken.

Therefore, if you are a coffee lover then choose a good quality coffee from the market without considering its price and enjoy it. You should also take a suitable amount of coffee only. In this way, you can enjoy the coffee with its goodness.


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