10 Useful Tips for URL Structuring for Higher Ranking

URL Structuring for Higher Ranking
URL Structuring for Higher Ranking

Url should be in a manner that can be read easily by the human beings and must be meaningful as well, thus doing these things while creating the URL is called as the URL Structuring. From SEO point of view URL Structuring for Higher Ranking is very important as the wrong structuring may lead to lower page ranking.

So if you want to make your URL search engine friendly, you must have to follow these following tips:

1. Easy to read: URLs should be readable, that means you should be very careful with the vocabulary and use meaningful words in the URL. For better results, you can also exchange the abbreviations with the company name or with the relevant keyword which in return helps you to target the audience.

2. Abolish the use of IDs and numbers: Remove the IDS, numbers, special characters and codes from the URL as it makes the URL non-clickable and non friendly to the readers as well as to the search engine.

3. Canonicalize URLS directing to a common content: You should be aware of the thing that you cannot fool Google and if you are doing this you must have to pay the penalty for that. So you should use canonical tags to stay safe while using the URLs that have different structures but redirecting the user to the same content.

4. Use of keywords: Excess use of keywords in the domain name, category or the web page name can also be harmful to your website as it lowers your page rank. So while making URL you should be careful with the keyword limit as well.

5. Balance the URL with the page title: In the search engine and social media sites, you must have notice that the URL appears with the titles, and adding the same text of the title to the URL lead to increase in the reader’s trust to your site.

6. Eliminate stop words: Use of stop words like the, of, but, a, etc. in the title of the web page can be avoided while shortening the URL. It is not necessary to use these stop words and also if you are using WordPress then you should go for Yoast SEO plugin for removing these stop words.

7. Number of Folders: Folders are basically used to categorize the products but using it, again and again, can be irritating and not good in terms of SEO. You should be careful with the limit of folders using in the site, as it makes the customer leave the site.

8. Word Separators: Word separators can be used for inserting a long keyword or product name in between the URL, so you can use the word separators while making the URL. You can use word separators like hyphen (-) or Underscores (_).

9. Excessive use of redirections: Yes it is good to redirect the user to your website and is also good from the SEO point of view but lavishing the use of redirections may lead to decrease in readers trust and page ranking as well.

10. Merge www and non-www URLs: It is better to consolidate these two URLs by setting a redirection from one to another as they deal separately in search results.

These 10 points will be useful for you for URL Structuring for Higher Ranking, also you can mention your queries or concerns from the above article. Surely we will help you in every aspect and get back to you as early as possible.


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