10 Social Media and Email Marketing Power-Ups

10 Social Media and Email Marketing

10 Social Media and Email Marketing Power-Ups for Better Conversions

If one wants to do the digital marketing for his/her brand or product, then one should know the importance of social media and email marketing in generating the business. Yes it is true that you can reach to more audience which you want to target through social media and email-marketing. The best social media nowadays are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+, you can use these social medias to connect your email marketing with, so that you will automate your email marketing strategy with social media, which in result generate more traffic as well more subscribers to your website.

  1. The very first thing you have to do is to create an attractive page of your company profile on all the social media sites discussed above with the company all details and description, which will be understandable to the audience about your firm and your services.
  2. For email- marketing tools, you can use Mailchimp, Aweber, Benchmark Email, and Campaign Monitor to automate your Emails. Here you have to just upload the customers recipient list and make campaigns and all the other task will be done automatically by these tools  having inbuilt beautiful themes.
  3. You can connect your subscribers to the social media as they are already interested in your brand and also they will like your social media profile as well. For this you have to export your subscribers to the social media site.
  4. For uploading customer list on Facebook, first you have to save your list in the csv or txt format. Now go to the audiences tab in the adverts manager, then click the create audience button, here select the custom audience option, you will see the choose option there upload the list.
  5. For twitter first go to the twitter ads, here click on the tools drop down menu in the top navigation, select the audience manager and then click on the create new list audience, here you can name the list and upload it.
  6. For Instagram first go to the audience tab in the ad manager, here click on the create audience button, select the custom audience option and choose the subscribers list, upload it.
  7. For LinkedIn, first go to the add connections page, now select the upload contacts file, here choose the newly-exported CSV file for uploading.
  8. For Google plus, click on the shared library and then click audiences, in the table of remarking lists, click on the customer email list and then click on the pencil button to add more email option and then choose the subscribers list upload it and save it.
  9. Add attractive graphics to your email content as 70% people click on the content having graphic and also you make this graphic clickable so that it can be redirect to your different social medias and website.
  10. The last but no the least, way is to make your subject line eye catchy which will look genuine to users and make them to click on the email.


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