10 Popular WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

10 Popular WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

A strong list of emails increases the traffic of any online business and use to easily target the audience we want. Most of the persons today are confused on how to increase the subscribers base? So this blog contains a list of 10 popular WordPress email subscription plugins that would be beneficial for you.

It not only generates the traffic but has the tendency to provide profit to the business person who is willing to earn online and helps to make the best marketing strategy of any website.
If the person has a powerful email list then he/she can easily target the audience for his/her business by convincing them about the products and thus this strategy will help the user to get a better conversion rate from its marketing.

Mostly person are confused that how to make an effective planning to get more and more subscribers?

The answer to the question is that there should be an email list optin on the website from where the user can easily contact us and there are many free and premium plugins available in the market which will help you to attract more visitors to your website.

Now we will elaborate 10 popular WordPress email subscription plugins below:

  1. Convert Plug (Premium): This plugin is the best for those who are looking for a featured packed list building plugin as it has best features with affordable rates and costs $27 only. It helps the website to transfigure it into a list building powerhouse with the ability to convert the visitors on the website to subscribers.
  2. Bloom (Premium):  Bloom is another email subscription plugin which is simplest and easiest for converting the visitors to subscribers. It comes up with 87 attractive themes and 6 different optin display types, automatic optin and inline optin forms. It costs $89 and specially designed for a developer license.
  3. OptinMonster (Premium): It has a high price as it costs $49 and it is not recommended to the beginners but surely it is specially designed for the professionals as it has powerful features like page level targeting, scroll triggered optin forms and timed popups.
  4. Thrive Leads (Premium):  It has features like API integrations, 2 step optin buttons, and smart exit. It costs $67 and is the most popular email services. The best thing is that this plugin offers almost every kind of optin form that is used to create strong email subscription list.
  5. SumoMe – Free: It is a free and one of the popular email subscription plugins which is used for displaying popups for wordpress users. One just has to download it and apart from building email subscriptions it includes heat maps, highlighter, and smart bar.
  6. Icegram – Free:  It has the features which one can rarely find it in another plugin as one can create popups, action bars, and toast notifications. There are six different varieties of beautifully designed popup in the plugin through which user can easily create one according to his need.
  7. Dreamgrow Scroll triggered box: It is a free plugin and displays a box on the page of your site as the user visits the site. This plugin allows customization to the user, one can easily change the width, height and positioning of the box.
  8. Cliftons Lightbox Free: This plugin is basically for the users who want the customers to sign-up to the newsletters and provides lightbox to the visitors. Also, this plugin is recommended to the professionals as one can’t change the layout of the message.
  9. Popup Extension – Free:  You can configure the popup message with the help of WordPress editor with this plugin and this is absolutely free. You can also customise the dimensions of the popup from the settings page. This plugin allows one-click subscribes using facebook.
  10. Take Away: If you are a beginner and want to increase the subscribers of your website then you should go ahead with this plugin, it provides a strong email list and rich popups along with the feature that you only have to pay the price for the best ones. You can easily generate a better conversion rate from this plugin.

Hope this list of email subscription plugins resolved your queries!

Also if you have any more query, you can contact us or you can leave your questions below.


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