Girls Balancing Between Future And Family


Everyone have some dreams and everyone wants to create their own future. Everyone wants to live their dream-life. Sometimes the conditions are affirmative and sometimes everything is out of hands. Especially the problems arise for small town girls.

We say boys and girls both are equals but in reality it’s not like that. Many kinds of issues arise in case of girls. The problems arise from the family only. The parents of small town girls hesitate to send their daughter to big cities. They come through many kinds of criminal activities by media and so they always remain panic for their daughters.

The parents are not wrong in their place but in between the girls struggle for their dreams. Some get succeeded to fulfil their dreams but the dreams of most of the girls get destroyed due to this fear of parents or some family issues.

Some families don’t allow their daughter for higher studies and they doesn’t even understand that how education will help her daughter for rest of her life. Those girls are forcefully married and spoil their future. But also, some spouse also helps and encourage their wives to do something in her life.

Some families allow girls to complete their studies but then again they create many troubles for girls for joining any kind of jobs. They don’t allow relocation for girls. If they allow, but also many kinds of restrictions are made and though she is independent, she has to take permission for very thing she want to do.

She can’t give extra time or full attention on her job. She has to inform very things to her family. She has to manage each and everything according to her family and can’t set her job as her first priority as men do.

But also, after marriage, many kinds of issues arise for a lady. She has to look after her husband, children and the whole family. She has to manage a lot to continue her jobs. In some cases, she has to fight with her family and many kinds of comments are given to her by society. She gets tired not only physically but also mentally and then she has to take care of her family.

But, many women give priority to her job more than her family. She compromises with her family responsibilities. Sometimes she has to leave her sick child or child in need and had to go for some important meeting or something. They compromise with their food quality. Her children don’t get full care and love, which they need.

There should always a proper balance between family and career goals. In some cases, family don’t support and some girl’s forget their responsibilities after having getting job and freedom.

We girls need our family support for becoming an inspirational example for her family and friends. But, I must say, we shouldn’t forget our responsibilities towards our families. We can easily manage our career and family, if we want to.. and if you give us a chance..


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