How Electricity is Important to our life

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Do you ever think that ” How Electricity is Important to our life “?

We know that theory of electricity is given by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. he theorized that electricity is a kind of fluid. In 1752 he demonstrated lightning is the form of electricity, in 19th century.

How it is generated ?

It is generated by some source i.e coal, petroleum, uranium, water and air. If it is generated by water it is only possible on that area where water is available.
It is clear that we will get electricity only for that particular area, similarly for the air we will get electricity for that particular area where the flow of air will be high and we can get electricity from the wind mills.
What about the rest of all area how we can generate electricity their.  For generating electricity there we need coal, petroleum or uranium so we all know that these all are non renewable source of energy it will exhaust in future.

We all know that electricity is very important to our life, but why it is so important?

Friends we all know that electricity is very important for us  it becomes our need .

Yes! It is true without electricity we can survive. But guys have you ever think how will be our life without electricity think about it there will be no vehicles, no any other electrical appliances that means no fan,no ac,no freeze etc. Guys it will become Hell. So it is clear that electricity is very important for us.

But guys one thing i would like to say you, why the people are not understanding the importance of fossil fuel?and Why they all are wasting it? So we all  have to  understand their importance and we have to save it for our better future. But the main point is that, how we will save these types of sources? Friends we can save it by using government vehicles instead of private vehicles, we can use solar lamp instead of electric bulb, we can use inverter in our home.

Because of the fossil fuel will be exhausted one day. Some scientist are now doing research on clouds lightning. How to take and store the current from the lightning if they will success in that may be in future we can get a high amount of electricity.


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