The Boss is Always Right

The Boss is always right

We all once in our life heard that word ” The Boss is Always Right “

None can be always right. But almost at every office The Boss is Always Right. It is nothing but his ego. Even Dharma Raja in Mahabharat was not always right. When the boss is so self-confident that he is always right, the subordinates must be very cautious in their conduct. They should learn the art of nodding their heads in approval of whatever the boss says or does. We should recognise flattery is a great art. The practitioners of this art should trend on safe ground. There is none in this world who does not fall a victim to flattery. There may be, perhaps very few exception who guard themselves against sycophants. Anyway it is a pleasing trap to catch any boss, especially a boss with a swollen ego.

Whenever you meet the boss either in the office or outside flying at him an automatic “Good Morning, Sir”. This works as the first arrow of flattery. When the boss enters into an argument with you, you must choose to be defeated. If he says white is black, sing the same song of affirmation. And if he says that you are wrong, accept the accusation as a sweet compliment. When he says “I am wrong” you should say “No Sir, you are right”. If you know how to tune these two strings “Yes” and “No” of the ‘Veena’ of your conversation with him, life will be a bed of roses atleast as far as your relations with the boss and office life are concerned.

But we do come across bosses made of a different veneer, I mean highly cultured and understanding type. Brought up as they are quite capable of distinguishing between a sincere compliment and unashamed drum beating of compulsive psycophants. Your tricks of flattery will not work well before such a boss. Every cultured boss is a self-made boss. The one who considers work as worship, his work and talk are adorned with the brilliant jewels of sincerity and honesty, goodness and sympathy. It is really a pleasure for sincere and work-conscious subordinates to work under such a boss. Flattery is not his cup of tea. The way to reach his heart is through sincerity and honesty.


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