List of Do Follow Forums to Increase Backlinks


æBacklinking is very important from the SEO point of view for any website and it helps to boost website as well, for backlinking we should have do follow links in our website. Backlinks are an important part of Google algorithm and one has to keep this thing in mind while doing the SEO of a website. For a good PR, we should have backlinking from higher PR forums or blogs. Forums are the best place for the people who have same interest; people join the forum to discuss the ideas, share experience and to stay updated with the industry trends like what is going on in the market.

From these forums, you will easily get targeted audience which in return provides you a good traffic. So you have to share some tips about backlinks and do not purchase backlinks for your website as Google hates the purchasing of backlinking which will cause a negative effect on your website. For getting higher page ranking we will suggest you do Forum posting as it is the best off page SEO technique and surely improves your search engine rank.

Now the very first question arises in your mind is how we can use these forums to get better PR on Google?

To get better PR on Google you have to understand few things in mind, first, you have to register yourself on these forums as these forums are very active and you will get more traffic and backlinking. Here we are giving you a list of do follow forums which have a higher google page rank:

  • V7nForum
  • Siteowners Forum
  • Joomla Forum
  • CNET Forum
  • Mysql Forum
  • Digital Point Forum
  • Affiliate Marketing Forum
  • Site Point Forum
  • Warrior Forum
  • Shouters lands Bloggers Forum
  • Deviantart
  • File Sharing Forum
  • Geek Village Forum
  • HTML Forum
  • MyGame Builder Forum
  • PhpBB Forum
  • Webhosting Forum
  • Book Forum
  • Videolan Forum
  • Wrensoft Forum
  • Support Forum
  • Design Community Forum
  • Meebo Forum
  • Mathforum .org
  • Forum.Filezilla-Project.Org/
  • Forums.Mozilla.Or.Kr/
  • Forum.Maxthon.Com/

The more you will be active on these forums the more you will get the traffic on your website, so you should be active on these forums and according to your interest, you have to select few of the forums in which you can easily stay active. For more traffic, you have to do commenting on other’s post as well to gain people trust. The best advice is to keep checking the forums for do follow links, as sometimes the webmasters remove the do-follow links because of spamming.

We hope this Forum list will help you in increasing backlinking of your website. You can also suggest us or share your queries and concerns with us so that we can provide you better information also, don’t forget to share this.



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